Once you have agreed a price with the domain seller, contact the registrar of the domain name you are buying ( in this case).
They enter your details with the IE Domain Registry to verify that you comply with their requirements for connection to Ireland to hold an .ie Domain.
Once verified, the IEDR will issue an AuthCode to you which is valid for 90 days.
Provide this code to the seller.
Once the financial dealings are complete, the seller uses this code to finalise the transfer to you.



Once you have agreed a price with a potential buyer, Inform the buyer that they need to comply with the IEDR terms and requirements.
The buyer will follow the steps above with their Registrar.
The buyer will supply you (the seller) with an AuthCode.
Once you have completed the financial dealings with the buyer, send that AuthCode to Blacknight.
Blacknight use that code to release the domain to the buyer. LINK